We supply and trade in various types of hot & cold insulation materials. We have partnered with some of the top industry product experts to ensure top notch quality. Some of the products we deal in are:

  • GLASSWOOL / ROCKWOOL / MINERALWOOL / for hot insulations
  • THERMOCOLE / PUF / PIR / Nitrite Rubber for cold insulations
  • Calcium silicate / Rockwool pipe seatrains / Fibre glasses & following are the details of the same.


Lightly Resin Bonded matresses

Rockwool is manufactured from

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Fibre Glass Tissue

FGT Series fiberglass tissue is a non woven felt made of randomly

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Ceramic Wool

The Ceramic Blanket is made up of long cerachem fibers of alumina and silica constituents and zircon.Crude Oil , Reformer

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Closed Cell Nitrile Rubber Insulation

Armaflex is India’s first EPDM profile’s manufacturer again

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Preformed Rigid Pipe Section

Steam & Process Piping, Air Conditioning System,Round Ducts upto 14”.

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Resin Bonded Fibre Glasswool

KIMMCO fibers begin with sand, soda and other components, which are melted to, from glass

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Calcium Silicate

Non-asbestos Calcium Silicate insulation board and pipe covering products features with light weight low thermal

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Resin Bonded Slab

Ovens,HVAC Ducts False Ceilings Under & Over Deck, wall Insulation

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Black Glass Tissue

Black Tissue is a black non-Woven felt made of randomly oriented

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Glasswool Resin Bonded Slabs

Unfaced, Al. Foil, Bitumen Kraft,raft Paper,

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Phenotherm is the ultimate insulation system for the construction & Building

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Closed Cell Nitrile Rubber Insulation

A-flex is India’s first EPDM profile’s manufacturer again

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Extruded Polystyrene

Extruded Polystyrene is Rigid High Strength Polystyrene slabs

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Loose Glass Wool

Application : Sugar Industries, Chemical Plants, etc

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Thermocole/EPS is available in the form of “ND” & “TF” quality.Packing of fragile Articles

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Ployurethane Foam

We offer a wide range of PUf Insulation Slabs, Pipe Sections

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Foreign Assignments

THERMAL ENGINEERING PROJECTS have been carrying out International assignments since 1998.

Our first international assignment was with M/S. PELWATTE SUGARS, MAWATHGAMA, known to be SRILANKA’s biggest sugar factory. We have done insulation for their new green field distillery by M/S. PRAJ INDUSTRIES LTD. PUNE; which was finished well in time.

Then in 1999, we did insulation for one of the leading breweries in SRILANKA only, for the same Indian client, which was well appreciated for our workmanship.

After that the story continued for NAIROBI, AFRICA, PORTUGAL, and since then we have been regularly carrying out myriad assignments for any type of insulation in well stipulated time.

Currently we are working for M/S. H.YOUNG COMPANY LTD at NAIROBI for their upcoming Distillery & Power plant.

We have specially trained manpower, who have been doing this type of job from long & are well-versed with it.

Ancilliary Materials
  • Aluminium Foil, Coil, Sheet, Tape and Band
  • Hard Setting Plaster
  • Adhesive Tapes in Nitrile Rubber, Aluminium and Polythene
  • Self tapping Screw- G.l.& S.S.
  • Bitumen-Hot and Cold
  • Shalikote and Tarkote
  • Syndanio Sheet
  • Chemical Adhesives mils
  • Tarfelt
  • Cotton, Canvas and Hessian Cloth
  • Wire and netting – G.l. & S.S.
  • Glass Cloth in various mils
  • Calcium Silicate Powder, slab and Pipe Sections.

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