Resin Bonded Fibre Glasswool

products5-bKIMMCO (Kuwait Insulating Material Manufacturing Company) an affiliate of Alghanim Industries Is the Middle East market Leader in thermal & Accoustical Insulation Product. With a Glasswool Plant in Kuwait.

KIMMCO fibers begin with sand, soda and other components, which are melted to from glass and Then processed to form thin, resilient fibers. The Glass wool is formed into products with various thickness and densities.

Density Max. Service Temp Dimensions Facing
16,24,32,& 48 25,40,50,75 & 100 1.2 M x 20 M
1.2 M x 10 M
Unfaced, Al.Foil, Vinyl,Metalized Polyester, Kraft Paper, Glass Tissue
Standards : IS 8183,BS- 3958 Part 3

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