Ceramic Wool

Ceramic Wool

The CeramCeramic-Wool-b (1)ic Blanket is made up of long cerachem fibers of alumina and silica constituents and zircon

Application :
Crude Oil , Reformer & Pyrolysis heating linings, High temperature pipe ducts & turbine Insulation, Treatment Furnaces, Ovens & Stack linings.

Temp . Range :
1000.C to 1425.C

Density Kgs /M’ Blankets Boards
Size (mm) 64,96,128& 160 610mm (W) x 7620mm (L) 6,13,19,25,38,&50 280-640 500mm(W) x 1000mm (L) 6,13,19,25,38,50,63,75
Ceramic fibers is also available in bulk fibres, papers & ropes.

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